Andersen Furniture S10 Signature

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The Signature modules are versatile storage furniture that can serve as both a sculptural and decorative part of the office or meeting room interior.

The square modules can be arranged in a multitude of different combinations using the 2 modules and associated shelves, which can be positioned in different ways within the modules. Behind the doors, you can store office supplies that you don’t want on display, while the open shelves give the office a cosy feel. In the meeting room, the modules can be used for storing e.g. meeting tableware – either behind the doors or visibly or a combination of both. Create a smart piece of furniture with open modules in the canteen for glasses, cutlery, plates, etc.

The S10 Signature modules are made of oak veneer with walnut details in each corner, which repeat on the door handles. The doors also have a magnetic closure, and you can choose between a right or left-facing door.


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